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We believe that one of the best ways to spend quality time with your family is through outdoor activities; travel, beach, or outdoor camping. Outdoor camping is by so far, the best option. Families can spend the outdoors eating, trekking, and the most preferred by kids, nature viewing. But how can you provide your kids with the best views without using binoculars? This is where binoculars come in handy.

We are a small group of editors, who are passionate about optics. We are searching for the best and most relevant information related to optics and prepare the guide for you to use. We are not representing any of the brands and make our reviews based on all the material we gather and consider valuable to share. We really hope you enjoy staying with us and make use of the information we share.

There are different types of binoculars that are available, depending on which ones you are going to use: birding binoculars, sports binoculars, astronomy binoculars, marine binoculars, military binoculars, theatre binoculars (also known as opera glasses), and the hunting binoculars. These binoculars have different specifications and functions.

What a binocular is?

A binocular has optical systems, two of them, joined and hinged together, both sharing a common mechanism, as far as focusing is concerned. They come in a great variety of shapes and sizes, features, magnifying powers, and other elements suited for any purpose.

Standard binoculars otherwise known as the full-sized binoculars are the conventional binoculars. They are useful in almost everything; from watching sports from a distance to nature observation.

Compact binoculars are good for theaters and concerts because they are small and lightweight. They are also great for small hikes, hunting trips, or nature trekking.

Wide-angle binoculars are suited for trailing fast-moving actions from wide areas, like racetracks, football fields, or wilderness terrain.

Zoom binoculars, as the name implies, allows you to increase your magnification for more focus on details. From a far distance to a near view, it is indeed the best.

Waterproof binoculars are waterproof and fog-proof, delivering clarity and vividness despite unforeseen weather conditions like fog, ice, or rain.


Before purchasing binoculars, it is also important for you to learn about the basics of the binocular. There are six major terminologies that you need to familiarize yourself with: the diopter adjustment, the ocular lens assembly, the prism system, the focus system, the hinge, and the objective lens. The Diopter adjustment is an adjustment ring for fine focus. It is usually placed in one of the eyepieces to further accommodate better vision differences between the left eye and the right. The prism system decreases the size that is needed in providing a focal length of the lens. Roof and Porro, are the two known types of this system.

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Types of Binoculars

There are also four types of specialty binoculars coating: coated, fully coated, multi-coated, and fully multi-coated. Coated has one layer on one of its lens surface. Fully-coated has one layer on all its air-to-glass surface. Multi-coated, on the other hand, has multiple layers placed on the lens’s surface while fully multi-coated has all its air-to-glass surfaces coated in multiple layers.

Kinds of Focusing

There are also different kinds of focusing systems for binoculars. Instafocus allows rapid focus adjustments. It has a paddle in between the barrels that adjusts lenses. This is ideal for focusing on subjects that are in motion. Center Focus has focus wheels in between the barrels, therefore moving the lenses. Perma focus doesn’t require any focusing at all. Instead, its optics are optimized and preset for fine focusing in distant objects.

Summing up 

Whether or not you will be using your lenses professionally or not, it is vital for you to know the basics of a binocular. That way, you will not have to worry about having to purchase the wrong ones for you.

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